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Information Security as a Service

Small business, oriented to clients of any size, that does not seek to serve a large number of organizations, and for this reason, focuses on providing value and quality services for the few clients with whom we have agreements. Yes. Our team has:

  • Pentesting
  • Definitions of security strategies
  • Security governance
  • Risk analysis
  • Audits of security frameworks
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Developer trainings on secure development
  • Among others...

Recently, and after working for years with many clients from different business, we have dedicated ourselves to serving as Advisors / Virtual CISOs for different organizations, which has allowed us to centralize and orchestrate the 4 main services in which we have domain, resulting in a positive and significant impact for our clients.

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We understand that today many organizations lack a Security department, need guidance, or simply need hands-on to be able to design, plan or implement their security strategy. It is at this point where we help clients, putting together the strategies and tools they need to achieve it in the most possible efficient way.

fast, simple and straight to the point

We are a group of CISOs who have the support of various specialists in different areas of Information Security (e.g., security governance, red team / blue team, cybersecurity frameworks, clous security, etc.). We evaluate your needs in a board meeting and we bring you the best recommendations according to your available resources and needs.

  • Short answer; Yes. We have in the team certified personnel as DPO by the International Information Security Community (ISMS Forum), which in turn, is certified by the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (AEPD), and we can provide you with the figure of DPO both personal and legal, obviously with the accompanying services that this can mean.

  • We have a limited but dedicated group of experts with more than 15 years of experience in different areas of Information Security. We provide guides, recommendations and support in the design, implementation and improvement of governance and security strategies across the critical units in the organization, aiming at a solid base in security culture and risk-based decision-making.

  • We also have specialists dedicated to perform GAP assessments on different cybersecurity frameworks (e.g., NIST, CIS, ISO27k, etc.), on which we provide clear results and specific recommendations to improve the security posture until reaching a healthy and acceptable maturity level to the organization.

  • Finally, and if necessary, we can also support by providing resources (hands-on) to help reduce the workload on security tasks if your organization does not have enough resources to attend to these activities. Our teams can be dedicated to tasks such as pentests, execution of controls, validation and consolidation of results, among others. We can have a conversation and agree on what would be the best way we can assist you.


Stop hiring expensive resources at a fixed monthly salary, and outsourcing services that you may not fully use. You can get the best results by using only the few hours you need from an expert and experienced Cybersecurity advisor.

We understand that every organization has unique needs and requirements. Therefore, our prices here are only for reference and may vary depending on the complexity of your organization and its specific needs. We are committed to working with you to create a security program that fits your budget, without compromising the quality or effectiveness of the results. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a customized quote and see how we can help you protect your company and critical information assets.

Free Access

$0 / hr.

  • 1 hour of consulting (understanding and recommendations)
  • Recommendations and generation of Information Security documentation
  • GAP assessments on Compliance baselines (ISO27000, NIST, CIS, etc.)
  • Security Assessments (Penetration tests, Vulnerability assessments, Risk Assessments, etc.)
  • Massa ultricies mi quis hendrerit

Business Access

$200 / hr.

  • Unlimited monthly consulting hours
  • Definition of Information Security Strategies, Information Security Policies and procedures
  • GAP assessments on Compliance baselines (ISO27000, NIST, CIS, etc.)
  • Security Assessments (Penetration tests, Vulnerability assessments, Risk Assessments, etc.)
  • And more "hands-on" according to your needs

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